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List Users

List Users


context Scope under which the request is made; determines fields present in response.

Default: view

One of: view, embed, edit

page Current page of the collection.

Default: 1

per_page Maximum number of items to be returned in result set.

Default: 10

search Limit results to those matching a string.
exclude Ensure result set excludes specific IDs.


include Limit result set to specific IDs.


offset Offset the result set by a specific number of items.
order Order sort attribute ascending or descending.

Default: asc

One of: asc, desc

orderby Sort collection by object attribute.

Default: name

One of: id, include, name, registered_date, slug, include_slugs, email, url

slug Limit result set to users with one or more specific slugs.
roles Limit result set to users matching at least one specific role provided. Accepts csv list or single role.
who Limit result set to users who are considered authors.

One of: authors


GET /wpas-api/v1/users

Example Request

$ curl